One of the most popular games available on the online casino industry is blackjack. This game – straight from the arms of land-based casinos – is a fun and simple game that afford thrills, excitement and some amazing online wins. The game is unique because it has so many variations to appeal to all types of players. From VIP Blackjack, to Super Fun 21, Double Exposure Blackjack, Pontoon and many more.

Most online casinos now offer these games in abundance, with their own special spins on the games. However, some sites are much better than others. There are some that offer over 20 variations, not including the live casino games. This is a game that has exciting strategies and offers the very real opportunity to make some pretty good money online. Here at geniusblackjack.com we are going to look at the best ways to play blackjack online for real money and the best sites to go to.

Best Blackjack Real Money Games Online

There are many online variations of the games to be found, but we feel that the very best games with the best chances of winning some decent real money is:

Blackjack / Perfect Blackjack and Progressive Blackjack: In this game, the dealer must stand when on a soft 17. As well as this, a player can split any two cards. However, you can’t re-split aces and there is no surrender. On average, the return to player is a very impressive 99.57% with a house edge of just 0.43%.

Blackjack Pro: This is a game that is very popular on online casinos. Again, the dealer must stand on a soft 17. There is also no doubling after a split allowed. Players can double on 10 and 11 only; they can re-split the aces and there is no surrender. This is another game with an impressively high RTP of 99.56% and has a house edge of just 0.44%.

Blackjack Surrender isn’t a game that can be found everywhere, but it’s worth it. Like the others, the dealer is to stand on a soft 17. There is no doubling after a split allowed, but a player can double on any card in this game. You cannot, however, re-split aces. The RTP on this game is another very generous 99.65% with a house edge of just 0.35%.

Blackjack Switch is another game that’s very popular on online casinos and is easy to find. As above, the dealer stands on a soft 17. In this game, however, doubling after a split is allowed. However, players can only double on 9, 10 and 11 only. No re-split is allowed on aces and no surrender is allowed. The RTP is the best around, at an impressive 99.86% which leaves the house edge at just 0.14%.

Finally, we have Live Dealer Blackjack which adds that added extra excitement of the real casino feel. With this game, the dealer stands on soft 17 and a double after a split is allowed. Players can double any two cards. However, like most, no splitting aces is allowed, no re-split is allowed and no surrender is possible. Although it’s not quite as generous as the rest, the game still has a generous RTP of 99.51%, giving a house edge of just 0.49%.

Play Blackjack Live for Real Money

There are many regular tables in online casinos to play blackjack; however, many players prefer to play Live Blackjack. One of the main reasons for this is that there is a real live person dealing you cards – not just a computer-generated programme.

Although online casinos are, on the whole, trustworthy and tested by outside bodies, there are still certain players who feel that the game could be in some way fixed. If a real person is dealing real cards, you know it is totally fair.

When you play Live Blackjack for real money, you are actually able to witness the dealer shuffle the cards, deal the cards and turn the cards over. The very fact that you are able to see real cards being played on a real table is much more comforting.

When you take a seat at a Live Blackjack table, you begin almost immediately. Bets are made with digital chips and not real live chips. Once you place your bet, the cards will be dealt, and the hand will be played like normal. The live dealer then prompts you with your options. You can even chat with the dealer if you have any questions.

Playing blackjack live for real money is not only fun, but it makes you feel safer and more comfortable knowing your money and your cards are being dealt with by real people

Tips on Winning Real Money on Blackjack

Here are our tips to winning real money on blackjack:

  1. Choose your casino room wisely – get familiar with the bonuses, promos and different rooms and pick the one offering the best conditions for your game.
  2. Make sure you know how to play it properly. Read up on how the game works – including rules, strategies, insurance and table limits.
  3. Set your limits and stick to it – set yourself an amount of money you are prepared to play. This amount should be enough that you don’t want to lose it, but not so much that it will cause trouble to lose it.
  4. Choose the right table for your game – pick the table right for your betting limits. Don’t go for a really expensive table so you can enjoy a longer and more enjoyable experience.
  5. Choosing the bets – when you should hit…
    You have 8 or 12-16 and the dealer’s open card is 7,8,9,10 or A
    You have a total of 11 and the dealer’s open card is an A
    You have a total of 10 and the dealer’s open card is a 10
    You have a total of 9 and the dealer’s open card Is a 7, 8 or 9
  6. When you should double…
    You have a total of 9 and the dealer’s open card is a 3,4 or 5
    You have a total of 11 and the dealer’s open card is not an A
    You have a total of 10 and the dealer’s open card is not an A or 10
  7. When you should stand…
    You have a total of 13 or more and the dealer’s open card is a 6 or under
    You have a total of 17 or more
  8. When you should split…
    You are dealt As or 8s
    You are dealt 6s or 7s and the dealer’s open card is a 2 to 6
    You are dealt 2s or 3s and the dealer’s open card is a 4 to 7
  9. Use a strategy system such as Paroli, Martingale and Fibonacci that are based on mathematical progression.
  10. Remember it’s all about fun. Play the game in the right spirit and enjoy.